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Tivia (pronounced like Trivia without the letter "r") Lynnell is an actor with an instinctive vocal box that helps stories and words bloom. Her intrinsic ability to be a vocal jukebox, delivering voiceovers filled with a visceral connection, is an asset for animation, audiobooks, and documentaries while showcasing and promoting entrepreneurs, companies, and services. Regardless of the industry, Tivia relishes creating characters that precisely embody the voiceover work.  



Alicia Amie (Teacher, Actor)

Voiceover Intensive


Audiobook, Commercial, Improv

Private Coaching

Eliza Jane Schneider (Instructor, Voice Actor) 

Learn or Lose Any Accent or Dialect for Any Role


Keith Flippen (Teacher, Actor)

The Actors' Place, Inc.

Beginning Meisner

Pamela Lewis (Voice Actor) 

Voice-over CD Workshop



Melanie Martin Long (Professor

of Acting and Directing at Kennesaw State University) Online Courses


Performance Technique, Modern Acting Technique, Building a Character, Analyzing Backstory and Motivation 

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John Remak, Brian Jones (Improv Artists, Instructors)

BATS Improv, Center for Improvised Theatre (Online Group Sessions)

Principles and mindsets of improvisation and the BATS style of improv Improvising stories, honing foundational skills (listening, support, spontaneity, imagination, collaboration)

Charlie Adler (Voice Actor, Instructor)

Online Group Classes

Master & intermediate Acting for Animation

Virginia State University

Liberal Arts and Education

English/Mass Communications

Introduction to Language Study

Volunteer on the Mic


“Your 'narrator' speaking voice is so nice to listen to... you have a very natural cadence to your voice.”

— Jennifer D., LibriVox Proof Listener



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