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Audiobooks, animation, kid-centric/family-friendly media, and programming throughout various voiceover niches are where my instinctive vocal box helps stories and words bloom.


Before pursuing the many niches in voiceover, I created my first animated series, Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb, through Tivoyage Entertainment, a company I founded to develop animated productions and other diverse productions led by melanated characters and with a mission of creating responsibly.  And I’ve been a filmmaker, directing, producing, editing, writing short films and a music video, plus more.









My work on Capitol Hill in a senator’s press office and as a gubernatorial, senatorial, and presidential campaign field organizer who co-led a campaign office has its roots in being a performer, as I had to engage, connect, and pull volunteers and constituents in to vote for our candidate. The above contributed to volunteers’ and constituents’ willingness to invest their time, influence, and resources, so I will deliver a visceral connection to showcase and promote you, the entrepreneurs, the companies, and your services.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's team up and connect.

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