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6 things To Do While You Wait for a Mentor!!!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Like many of us, regardless of profession, we could really use a mentor. I, as you may have figured out, want an animation and audiobook (really any field dealing with kids entertainment and education) mentor. So, one fall day in October, I came up with 6 things to do while you wait for a mentor. In the video below, I mention hypothetical scenarios where Dave Fennoy (voice of Lee Everett in The Walking Dead video game) and Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) are my mentors, I really want that to happen. It somewhat kinda sorta did happen, in an around about way. There are several audiobook and animation voice actors who are incredibly gifted actors and I look forward to having them as mentors. I think it's a good idea to strive to have several mentors. One reason is so you will not bug the heck out of them and so you can be guided by different perspectives and knowledge basis as it relates to your profession.

Don't ask me why, but in the video below, after the teaser intro, I begin using my actual voice then I switch to a character voice, it was an unplanned occurrence. Tell me, what gender and age does this character voice sound like to you? Post your answer in the comment section on YouTube. Also, if you have some things you will be doing or thinking about doing while you wait on your mentor post that in the comment section too.


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