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episode 2 IMPROV drawings as cartoon characters!

Back with another one, and like I always say, I enjoyed performing these improvisations.

Since performing the drawing of the woman with the swoop bang, who I proclaimed was French, I have been studying to perfect my French accent.

I think I still talked about food in this improv session, but what can I say, food loves me, and if it (food) wants to participate in the improv, well dag-nab-it, I'm not going to hinder food's desire to make an appearance by way of me mentioning pancakes or whatever other food. I won't shut food down like that, so you'll probably always here that in my improv which is authentic. I am not going to consciously force myself to suppress mentioning food because that wouldn't be serving the improv performance.

Tip: To learn any accent, aside from taking classes which is a great way too, just simply watch the mouths and listen to native speakers on repeat. The more you practice the better you'll get.

So if you haven't already, watch my improv session below.

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