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Improv Drawings As Cartoon Characters!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

I really don’t recall how I stumbled upon the Vanity Fair improv sessions on YouTube, but let me tell you, I was as close to the screen as greedy mouths on a Chick-fil-A sandwich.

Seriously, it helps to look at voice actors mouths and how they breathe when they are performing these characters and especially when you are learning accents.

Okay, so the actors were given a cartoon/animated character image they had never seen before -you know what- why don’t I just have you watch one of my favorites of the bunch. Take a look-see below!

It was gooood right? Yeeeah, it was and yes, I did just answer my own question; so what, make me a pickle hat to wear and call me whack-ka-doodle (I kid. I kid).

Anywho, I probably shouldn’t have shown Phil LaMarr’s improv seeing as though I have done my own version, and while I’m confident I have a God gifted talent to perform, I haven’t been voice acting as long as the beyond-uber-talented Phil LaMarr.

Watch my own version of a character image improv session below!

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